LD- Apple Valley, CA

“All my life I’ve had to endure living with asthma. Anyone who has had a hard time breathing may think they know that being short of breath is uncomfortable, but they can’t imagine what is it like to fight for the smallest gasp of air – while every-thing turns gray as your brain starves for oxygen. I know that feeling. I’ve been so dizzy and so close to passing out during a full phase asthma attack – all the fight leaves you and you feel as if you could just let go and stop struggling. The next day, after a major attach, it feels as if my lungs and ribs got hit by a sledge hammer, I’m wiped out – just exhausted. I hate having asthma and hate asthma medication.

Since talking CELLFOOD, for the first time in my entire life I know what it feels like to take a deep, complete, satisfying lung full of air. Breathing is so much easier and I can actually emerge from an attack much faster and easier. I don’t struggle anymore for every breath, every day. I am so grateful for this product. It has changed my life very much for the better."

BBM, M.D – Carmicheal, CA

“For a period of 5 years I have suffered from chronic back pain accompanied by fatigue. I have tried many innovative therapies, including both traditional and alternative modes of treatments for this disease. These treatments included drugs and physical therapy, a variety of nutritional therapies, acupuncture, neural therapy, radionics and massage. It was through the used of CELLFOOD that I first obtained significant relief from the fatigue that interfered with my life. My day was comprised of work, then home to rest and sleep. The weekend was also spent resting.

I took CELLFOOD on a regular three-times-daily basis, which refreshed and energized me. After 3 to 4 months of regular use I stopped using CELLFOOD, only to find that the fatigue returned. Now I’m back on the CELLFOOD on a consistent basis, my energy has been restored. Research on CELLFOOD indicates that it is a powerful electrolyte solution that it works to energize the body and bring it into chemical and electrical balance. I find that I get a quicker and more complete therapeutic response to treatment when I prime my patients – especially the more difficult pain cases – with CELLFOOD, prior to treating them with acupuncture and magnet therapy.”

K.C.N. – Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“I was very ill for 3 years with pneumonia and was in and out of the hospital 3 times. Each time I was getting weaker and weaker. There was scar tissue on my lungs, causing irregular breathing patterns. I was out of breath walking, climbing steps, had blackouts and was unable to stand up very long. I work in a nutrition store in Ft. Lauderdale, so I have familiarity with nutritional products. We ordered some bottles of CELLFOOD. I began using the product. To my surprise, within a week I was walking and standing up longer periods of time. Now I can walk up steps, without being out of breath. My doctor said I amazed her. My lungs were clear and she could find nothing wrong with me. I walked 3 miles recently, and haven’t walked that far in years. May God bless you for a magnificent product. I haven’t felt this good in years!”

M.P. – San Diego, CA

“I have had extreme pain from arthritis for years, and I have been afflicted with a seizure disorder since childhood. Until recently, I have been taking 6 to 8 tablets of 600mg ibuprofen for pain and also was taking seizure medication that was so strong that it created a mental fog similar to what one would experience taking a very strong antihistamine.

Since taking CELLFOOD, I no longer take any medication or pain killers and for all practical purposes am seizure free. I’m simply adding CELLFOOD in every glass of water I drink. I also have more clarity of thought and more energy. I now require less sleep – but awake refreshed and ready to start another pain and seizure-free day. I have my life back. Thank you!”

Che Musa Bin Saad

It was a long time ago when I started to have these problems. I have had chest pain, breathing difficulties, blurred vision and hair loss problems. These health problems had caused me a great deal of difficulty in life as I had to work to support my family. When the chest pain struck, I could not breathe. That was not all; my hands would then become numb; so numb as if I did not have hands at all! Besides, I had poor vision. When all these happened, I had to take a rest, or worse, I had to take the whole day off when the pain became unbearable. I had sought medical attention and tried countless health tonics, alas, they were of no cure!

One day, my friend, Tan Poo Liong, recommended Cellfood to me. At first, I was not convinced to try Cellfood because I did not think that there would be any solution to my problems especially my baldness. However, I gave in. I started taking 8 drops of Cellfood, twice a day. After barely 3 weeks, I found that my health had improved dramatically! However, during the recovery process, I had severe diarrhea for a week! But after that, I feel light, as if all my health problems had drained away!

The best thing that happened to me would be my hair. My hair problem was dated way back to the 1980s. The top part of my head was completely shining, not a strand of hair left! But after I sprayed Cellfood (10 drops in 60 ml of water) on my head for barely 3 weeks, I could see tiny hair growing on the bald spot! Not only that, my hair is stronger now and there is less shedding. In fact, they cannot be plucked out easily too!

Tamil Selvam a/l Narayansamy

It has been 5 years since I was deeply troubled by my backache, arthritis and gout problems on both of my hands and feet. My condition turned from bad to worse. I could neither sit nor walk well. I was in deep agony as I could not afford to be absent from work. Whenever the pain struck, I would relieve myself with painkillers and pain-reduction injections at the clinics. These routines had turned my life upside down! I had tried numerous methods to ease my pain but to no avail. To make matters worse, I had difficulty to sleep at night. Thus, I could only sleep for 2 hours every night.

Then one day, my friend, Tan Poo Liong introduced me to Cellfood. At first, I was hardly convinced. But finally, I gave myself a last chance. There was no turning back after that. I started consuming Cellfood by taking 5 drops, twice daily for the first week and subsequently I increased the intake to 8 drops, twice a day. After a mere 10 days, I could see the difference in my condition. I was more alert, energetic, active and most importantly, all my health problems had subsided!

That is not all, in fact, my sleeping pattern had improved! Before I could only sleep for 2 hours and was awake for the rest of the night, but now, I can sleep for at least 6 hours every night!

Now, I have stopped taking Cellfood to test my dependence on it. In fact, I have stopped taking Cellfood for at least 4 months now and there are no relapses! Thank you Cellfood, thank you ATM.!

Loh Siew Keen

I am Low Siew Keen from Gopeng, Perak. I have been tortured by a sensitive nose for 10 years and pain in the waist and back bone for more than 4 years. Early this year, in the month of January, I began taking Cellfood after it was introduced to me by Chong Wei Ling, who encouraged me to try it. In the early stages of consuming it, I was disappointed and wanted to give up because I did not see any changes in my condition. But after a full patient explanation from Ms. Chong, I regained my confidence for the product and continued taking it.

2-3 months later, I began to see obvious results. Before taking Cellfood, I would always sneeze every morning and mucus would flow non-stop from my nose. After taking Cellfood, my condition has improved nearly 90% and the pain in my waist and back bone has nearly healed. Other than that, one thing that I'm truly glad about is my immune system has improved greatly and I am now not susceptible to illness anymore.


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