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CELLFOOD® Oxygen Gel

The only replenishing skin gel with the revolutionary CELLFOOD® cell-oxygenating formula – blended with the finest aloe vera, lavender blossom, glycerine and fossilised organics.

With your very first use, you’ll feel CELLFOOD® Oxygen Gel refresh, tighten and smooth your skin as it oxygenates and moisturises all day – or all night!

All Natural – Paraben Free – Completely Non Toxic



What is CELLFOOD® Oxygen Gel?

CELLFOOD® Oxygen Gel is specially formulated to take advantage of the dramatic topical benefits of CELLFOOD®. Our formulators have utilised specific high quality ingredients – each one known to be an exceptional skin rejuvenator – to create a skin gel that is both beautifying and healing.

Where can I use CELLFOOD® Oxygen Gel?

  • Wrinkles
  • Lines
  • Stretch marks
  • Rashes
  • Sun spots
  • Veins
  • Bruises
  • Rough skin
  • Skin damage
  • Blemishes

When and how do I use CELLFOOD® Oxygen Gel?

Evening: Cleanse face well. Lightly glide your fingers over the gel and apply a small amount over face and neck, concentrating under the eye area. Your skin firms as the Gel dries. Oxygen Gel’s nutrients feed the skin all night, while restoring ideal moisture balance.

Morning: Wash off Gel; your face will feel clean and fresh. Then re-apply a light film. Skin firms as the Gel dries. Nutrients feed and protect the skin all day. Also use on any non-facial areas requiring revitalisation. Quick-Mask: Apply a light film at any hour of day or night. Leave on for one hour. Wash off. Face will feel revitalised and nourished.

Moisturiser and makeup tips: If more moisturising is desired, either mix gel with your favourite moisturiser when applying, or apply gel first, and then moisturiser. You may also apply makeup or sunscreen over Gel.

For persistent conditions: You may add 1 or 2 drops of original CELLFOOD® concentrate to the Oxygen Gel for special skin problems. Don’t add it to the jar – rather, mix a drop or two into an individual application of Gel. You may use cap for mixing. Gel will become more liquified, and will penetrate your skin’s cellular tissue with enhanced oxygenating power.

Detoxification: When first using, short-term skin breakout may occur as toxins draw to the surface. This is a normal healing process.

Note: A generous layer of Gel is desirable for healing skin problems, and may result in some minor flaking as the mask dries. For cosmetic use, using a thinner layer will prevent this.


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