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Datuk Danny Chua
Executive Chairman

Welcome and thank you for your dedicated support!

BM Net Marketing Sdn Bhd, that has been growing rapidly since its inception to be positioned as a market leader in nutritional supplements industry today , with delight to work with such an established partner NuScience Corp USA, as promised in the beginning of this voyage from 2001, has aimed to provide top quality nutrition products and service, to remain our initial perspective of this mission, fulfill this errand with full integrity and fairness to our distributors and customers, from here we may raise the benchmark in nutritional supplement industry. Today BM Net Marketing remains fully committed to our mission and key values of the firm.

With “ beyond Limit “ as our motto, BM Net Marketing has shown considerable achievement, devoted by everyone from the board of directors right down to our diligent staff, most important of all is the tremendous support made by our distributors. With the swift and steady growth, we are confident that we will be able to reach higher in the years to come, we are well on our way to become a renowned nutrition marketing company in Asia that promotes healthier, more nutrition-related knowledgeable society.

Our motto is inspiration for us to pursue excellence beyond our national boundaries and ventures into the whole Asia or even larger, we stand on frontier as a pioneer.